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Girls need comfort at every unhappy moment. The security that girls want is simple. Sometimes things don't need to be noisy, just coax. It's all right to console you. Girls'sense of security comes from boys' attention. All girls in the world just want to like boys. She needs your comfort and your company.


I quarreled with my boyfriend because I wanted him to send me a picture. He said how to send it when the lights were off. I said if there was a light, I would let him take a picture of it with his own light. This is a very simple request. He said that you don't like other people's things. Can others like it? He meant not to influence others in the dormitory, that is, not willing to take pictures.


Okay, what a big deal, just don't shoot it. You can comfort me with a good word and I'll be all right. But no, what I hear is that you hate being the person you hate. As a girl, I can't help it. I think boys sometimes are really boring and don't know anything about themselves.

在一起那么久他了解我是什么人 我不知道这样的话说出来到底有什么好吃。女生最需要安慰的是哪几个时期?女生最需要安慰的时期是月经期,再需要安慰的就是等到更年期。

Together for so long he knew who I was and I didn't know what it was like to say that. What period do girls need most comfort? The most comfortable period for girls is menstruation, and the most comfortable period is menopause.


Although menstruation is a physiological reaction of girls, that is, detoxification and blood loss, advantages and disadvantages coexist, accompanied by girls half their lives. In this period, as a man should think, it is really not easy to be a woman. Physical reactions bring about physical discomfort, which can lead to depression and restlessness. A qualified husband or lover should be more caring, emotionally involved and tolerant in life. This is the best comfort for girls.


Climacteric old girls, although lost the vitality of youth, but rich still exist, spring dream is no less than that year. However, they are often regarded as old pearls by men and disliked. So it increased the sense of inferiority and irritability. Old girls in this period need comfort most, but some husbands have done it? This question is left to netizens.

Above all, girls need comfort in their two physiological periods. Next, we will talk about when girls need comfort. If a girl encounters setbacks, difficulties and grievances in social interaction, work and life, as a qualified lover or husband, she doesn't need to be sour. Her mother-in-law only tells her: How big is the mouse's regular vacation? Then it's enough to caress, more than a thousand words.


I think when a girl needs comfort most, she is lovelorn or abandoned by her man. Can her lover or man come back to comfort her at this moment? Who did it? Girls most need comfort is in the most painful moment, someone wiped her tears and said, "I love you."


That's it. I'm sorry now. I just saw the question and answered it. Now I want boys to learn to comfort girls, do not let her sad.


1. When the aunt comes, the female students'mood is unstable, especially always painful. Whoever they put on will become irritable. At this time, the male students should not be too serious, care more, comfort and tolerance.


2, in the company is wronged, come back will be very negative and very angry, this time, boys need to understand more, listen more, let her vigorously Tucao, you are patient, listen and nod, in short, she is right!


3. The third thing I can think of should be the time of lovelorn. Women are all emotional. At this time, they must also need comfort.


By the way, my girlfriend used to feel pain when she came to my aunt. She drank brown sugar water, ginger sugar water or some advertised products which were not very useful. Later, she and her colleagues drank a piece of dried jujube with wolfberry and honey, brewed with boiled water, and had a cup every day. My girlfriend never hurt anymore. This method has also been recommended to my colleagues, all said that the effect is good, female friends take it away to try.


Unexpectedly, this got so much praise. If I am interested in it, I can pay attention to it. I will update it as a girl in the follow-up. My feeling is mainly from the aspects of physiological structure, work and life.


Physiological structure, we all know that girls will come to menstruation, normally during menstruation will not be so uncomfortable, but this needs to depend on personal health. And I am very lucky, it is relatively normal, only two days before each menstrual period will quietly swell pain, need less cold water, the temper of girls during the period is not so stable, so at this time I like most from friends or boyfriends'concern, hope they can understand themselves.


At work, we often encounter a variety of things, and even some unpleasant things. When we get home, we hope most from the affirmation and comfort of relatives and friends. Many girls hope to be comforted in the following periods.


1. When helpless. In the face of some job disappointment and emotional setbacks, it is precisely when girls are most helpless. They keep thinking, why, why did they become like this? At this time, girls most want to be comforted, not only to get genuine comfort, but also to get short-term spiritual sustenance, in order to express themselves.


2. When wronged. When a girl is wronged, she is bound to be bullied by others who do not believe or question her. Girls can tolerate some minor grievances, but who is not a little girl? Everyone wants comfort from others. Especially by the great grievance, we hope to be more believed and comforted by more people.


3. When falling in love (hip-hopping). When falling in love, girls want to be the spoiled one. Whoever's fault is, they want boys to coax themselves. Boys should also be tolerant of girls'petty temper, but girls can not be too good. Our high school classmates just broke up. The boy felt too tired. Although it's normal for the couple to have contradictions, he said he didn't want to cajole any more. He gave up. Unfortunately, once they were a very good couple, together for more than a year, but they still broke up.


Girls are indeed more vulnerable than boys, and sentimentality is their patent. Especially in many special periods, it is necessary for relatives to "comfort".


College Entrance Examination Failure Period - Many college entrance examinees regard college as the only way out. If they fail the college entrance examination, they will be depressed, especially for girls. At this time, we need the security of our family and classmates: it's okay, we can revive the flag, and it's not too late to repeat it for a year; besides, there are many ways to become successful, not only to go to college.


Obscurity of Adolescence - Girls have a vague sense of adolescent life; a vague judgement of right and wrong; and a vague expectation of development prospects. In such a hazy period, their discrimination, judgment are still very poor, so parents and teachers must grasp this period of sex education, spiritual comfort.


Female students have special physiology. Every month, there will be "aunt" visits. In these three or five days, they will suffer from abdominal pain, listlessness, restlessness, loss of appetite, emotional excitement and anger. During this period, parents, girlfriends and companions should give more comfort, not to anger her, and give meticulous care in life.


Work frustration period - in the real society, there is more or less gender discrimination in all walks of life, which makes it difficult for girls to find jobs. Even the girls on the job are also facing fierce competition. If they do not do well, they will be criticized, scolded, demoted, laid-off, unemployed and so on. If girls encounter these troubles in their work, they need consolation from relatives and friends.


Emotional Lovelorn Period - When a girl loses her love, her mood must be very low. Some girls are so infatuated that they can't let go of the love all the time. There is even the danger of death. At this time, the relatives around her should accompany her more and comfort her patiently.


October Pregnancy Period - The first thing girls face when they get married and start a family is to have children. Women in the early pregnancy, picky eating, hot, "harmful mouth" vomiting, coupled with late sleep, as well as fear of childbirth, and so on, will make pregnant women suffer serious mental damage. So during the pregnancy of girls, family members should give more comfort and care.


Postpartum depression - Postpartum depression mostly occurs in the postpartum week to two weeks of some depression, all day happy, lack of confidence in their own child-rearing, worry, and so on. So that eating and sleeping are not good, there are some pessimistic moods. As a family member, you can accompany her to see a psychiatrist, especially her husband, who needs more company and comfort.


Women's menopause - Because of the decrease of estrogen level during menopause, women will suffer from insomnia, dreaminess, hot flashes, sweating, mood fluctuations; and cardiovascular symptoms, such as chest tightness, palpitation, premature ventricular beats, and abnormal physiological period, menopause, loss of sexual desire and so on. As family members, especially husbands, they should be more considerate in life and comfortable in spirit.